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Wedding Gift Etiquette

Practicing good wedding gift etiquette may be the last thing on your mind, but can you imagine on your wedding day having to ask yourself, “Where are my bridal gifts?”

I thought it was strange as I was reading a newspaper article on a wedding that turned sour when the bride and groom realized all of their cards were gone from the birdcage – a whopping sum of $5000.00! To make it more unbelievable, this wedding wasn’t held in a budget-conscious, hole in the wall place, but in a very prestigious venue, one of Florida’s premier wedding destinations.

The theft occurred while the bride and her groom, were saying their “I do’s” outside on the well-manicured, lakeside estate lawn in front of several dozen friends and relatives.

Guests tucked gift cards inside an ornate birdcage indoors, where the reception was to take place following the ceremony on the lawn. Everyone left the reception area for the 6:45 p.m. ceremony, returning only 30 minutes later to discover the gifts were missing.

Instead of rejoicing and partying, the bride and the groom spent the rest of the evening being questioned by the police (between bites of  hors d’oeuvres).  It never dawned on her or anyone in the wedding party, some of whom had left purses and wallets unguarded in their dressing rooms, that it was unsafe to do so.  Money was taken from several friends, the bride said, including $400 in cash her husband kept in his wallet as the final payment to their photographer.

Because the newlyweds hadn’t officially taken possession of the gifts, police had to question and fill out theft reports for a dozen or so guests.

Can you imagine your wedding reception turning into a police lineup for questioning??

I don’t believe in chance or coincidence, so after reading the article I decided to let potential clients be informed about proper wedding gift etiquette in an attempt to help them keep their day special and filled with joy.


Tips Towards Establishing Proper Wedding Gift Etiquette

  1. Let your guests know where to leave their valuables – suggest they take them with them.  If there are moments where valuables and personal items may be unattended,  it’s human nature to let your guard down. What I recommend is telling your guests to leave their purses and or wallets tucked away in their locked cars. Another alternative for the ladies. is to bring their purses with only cosmetics and other small items and leave cash and any credit cards in the car. Men should keep their wallets in their possession and not lay them down.
  2. Hire a ”Wishful Concepts Day of Coordinator” –  this will ensure that all personal possessions of the wedding party will be monitored; nothing is fool-proof, but our Day of Coordinators have an assistant that walks around the room to ensure all guests are being attended to and are comfortable. It may not be best to always leave this responsibility to a family member as they tend to forget. We offer our clients Day of Coordination services to alleviate pressures on family and friends.
  3. Hire a security guard or patrol service: This will give you peace of mind and can also serve a dual role to keep the peace at your event. The internet is full of companies to help you find and hire the right person for the job and still stay within your budget.

Written by: Samone D. Lett


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