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Is A Day of Coordinator Needed at My Wedding?

Too often, Central Florida brides rely on family and friends to help carry out “Day Of Coordinator” responsibilities on the day of their wedding. By asking a friend or family member to take on this stressful task, that person will not be able to enjoy the event as a guest, and will end up feeling like “event staff.” In most cases, your “volunteers or family members” have little experience in the role of event planner. They often end up feeling overwhelmed as they try to keep on top of everything that must be done to ensure that the day runs smoothly.

Bride Getting Ready for Ceremony - day of coordinator

Photography Credit: BMello Photography

How a Day of Coordinator Can Help You

Unlike a full-service wedding coordinator, a “Day-of Coordinator” is for brides and grooms who want to do most of the planning themselves, on a budget, but when their wedding day arrives, they need a professional to execute all of their hard work. That’s where we come in!


  1. Distribute wedding timelines to best man and maid-of honor
  2. Work with wedding officiator to choreograph wedding ceremony, processional and recessional
  3. Alert wedding party as to where they need to be the following day, and at what time


Pre Ceremony

  1. Facilitate on-time arrival of hair and make-up stylists and instruct them as to where to set up
  2. Coordinate hair and make-up schedule with bridal party and stylists and ensure that hair and make-up is completed in a timely fashion
  3. Communicate with transportation driver and maid-of-honor/best man while bridal party is on the way to the ceremony location



  1. Act as a liaison with the ceremony officiator and decide start of the ceremony
  2. Handle any emergencies that may arise
  3. Line up the bridal party for their entrances down the aisle



  1. Ensure proper flow of cocktail hour food
  2. Alert catering staff to pour champagne just before the toasts
  3. Be aware of timing of catering service and make sure people are served promptly


Wedding Coordinators Handle The Details

Either by choosing a “Day-of-Coordinator” or “Full-Coordination” services, having a wedding coordinator helps establish structure with all vendors involved with producing your special day. A lot of times the caterer is focused on the food, table setup, linens, and specific contractual obligations and can’t always dedicate staff to doing everything during a two hour setup before a wedding. By having a coordinator, brides can feel assured that there is a dedicated person(s) focused on handling the small details so nothing will be missed.

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