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Destination Wedding Advice

In the past we’ve worked with a bride and groom who traveled from overseas to have a destination wedding in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Planning the perfect, stress-free destination wedding can be a breeze when you have the right information in your hands. Here is some Destination Wedding Advice we wanted to share with potential brides when planning a destination wedding.

5 Things Brides Should Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding in Central Florida

Destination Wedding Advice

ONE – Overall Research – always do thorough research on the location/venue you have in mind for your wedding & reception. Make sure your research findings originate from credible sources that know and understand the facts and the venue/location you will be choosing to get married. Not make final decisions on destination venues based on assumptions and speculation through pictures ONLY. Check reviews and get testimonies from 3-5 brides/credible sources that can verify that this venue is indeed the right one for you.


TWO – Weather Patterns for That Region of The World- research weather patterns within the region. Never assume a specific location/region is going to have good weather on your wedding day. When you are dealing with tropical destinations, make sure you do not assume that there will be good weather on your wedding day. Try to have contingencies such as: tent rentals for covering, heaters for guests, or finding an additional local venue that will allow you to take the event in-doors in case things don’t go as planned. For example, don’t just assume that the weather in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico is gorgeous year-round. Hurricane season lasts from July through October in the Caribbean and can put a major damper on your nuptials. Make plans A,B,C, and D when it comes to weather.


THREE – Communicating with Vendors – make reputable connections with DJs, Caterers, and Event Planning Companies firms in the area. At Wishful Concepts we have built strong relationships with our vendors can recommend you to the best providers Central Florida has to offer. Build trustworthy relationships with your vendors and establish consistent communication to ensure your day goes as planned. Research what others are saying about vendors and check with previous clients to see what their experiences were.


FOUR – Property Rentals – if you are thinking about property rentals for your bridal party, please secure a local wedding planner to help in this process. This blog was inspired by a bride and groom that did not have an opportunity to have someone go before hand to inspect the property for its visual appeal before making a financial commitment; unfortunately the bride and groom had already made a financial commitment and were locked into a contract. We were not going to go unprepared — so Creative Director and Chef Samone Lett, made sure she drove out to New Smyrna Florida on the behalf of her clients to inspect the properly. It was because of her findings she found out the place was not up to par and that the destination bride and groom had been sold on something that wasn’t presented as elegant and nice. Something like this can be easily avoided by setting aside about 10 to 15 percent of your total budget for a local planner. Generally speaking, a local planner will be your best bet, as he/or she can be your person-on-the-ground when you can’t be there to see what you will be renting.


FIVE – Hire an Event Planner - This last point is a continuation from our last tip; always consider hiring someone that can coordinate all these details for you. It’s enough stress as is knowing you’re traveling into a city or country for your wedding day. Make sure you have someone working hard to be the advocate for the bride and groom. We offer Day of Wedding Coordination Services as well as Full Service Wedding Coordination beyond just the actual wedding day.

Happy Wedding Planning, Wishful Concepts : )


A Note to Brides: We chose to keep the bride and groom’s name confidential in this post, but these tips we are sharing have been inspired by their challenges planning a destination wedding. We were able to work with them despite some of the challenges they faced with having a destination wedding in Central Florida. We shared this advice out of the frustrations they experienced having a “destination wedding“. Read their review they sent to theKnot about working with Wishful Concepts Catering by checking out our Reviews on the TheKnot.


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