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The spirit of the culinary entrepreneur lives here.

Wishful Concepts Commissaries was founded by Matthew Lett and Chef Samone Lett and started for one reason: to give chefs, bakers, caterers, food truck operators, and all others who are passionate about their culinary careers an opportunity to build their dreams. Wishful Concepts Commissaries is located on 17-92 in Longwood, Florida and is a fully licensed as a commercial kitchen and ready for your basic needs. We offer chefs, cooks, caterers, culinary educators, restaurateurs, photographers and production crews an opportunity to have access to a commercial kitchen with the equipment, dry storage, refrigeration and the prep space they need to handle their food production needs.



Located between Laura St. and State Road 434 off of 17-92.

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Every vision has reason.

It just made sense. Matthew and Samone know the journey first hand of what it takes to build a commercial kitchen from scratch as well as navigating the permitting, HVAC and inspection process. They hear it all the time when they meet other culinary professionals about the challenges of funding and starting a commercial kitchen. They know first hand the cost, time and energy involved in starting a culinary company and staying committed to the process and the paperwork. As a Central Florida Personal Chef that founded Wishful Concepts Catering, Chef Samone Lett was inspired to allow other culinary professionals to have a professional space to build their dreams. Alongside Samone she has the support of her husband who is a 7-year university educator that understands how good systems and clear processes, can help any culinary professional grow their business more efficiently.


Benefit To You.

Structured Shifts . Intimate Space . No Overcrowding . Maximum Capacity of People . 24 Hour Video Monitoring . 24 Hour Key Pad Access . Plenty of Prep Space . Fans



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