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The spirit of the culinary entrepreneur lives here.

Wishful Concepts Commissaries was started for one reason: to give chefs, bakers, caterers, food truck operators, and those in the culinary business an opportunity to build their dreams with us. Wishful Concepts Commissaries is located on 17-92 in Longwood, Florida 32750 we are full licensed as a commercial kitchen in Seminole County and The State of Florida. We offer chefs, cooks, caterers, culinary educators, restaurateurs, photographers and production crews an opportunity to have access to a commercial kitchen.



Located between Laura St. and State Road 434 off of 17-92.



Every vision has reason.

Due to the huge amount of time and money involved in building a commercial kitchen, it has become somewhat difficult for a small food business to get off the ground and have business momentum. Having started her own business Samone knows first hand the cost, time and energy involved in starting a culinary company. As a Central Florida Personal Chef that founded Wishful Concepts Catering, Samone was inspired to allow other culinary professionals to have a professional space to build their dreams.


Benefit To You.

Structured Shifts . 24 Hour Video Monitoring . 24 Hour Key Pad Access



Do you have a culinary business for at least TWO years and
looking for a commercial kitchen?

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