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About Chef Samone

Chef . Commissary Owner . Food Network Featured Chef

Chef Samone delivers an authentic, fun and energetic presence around her clients. She listens to their needs and responds with creative solutions that are not only reasonable in value, but match their palette, lifestyle and health goals. When Chef Samone is around expect laughter, a little dancing in the kitchen, friendly conversation and a pretty flower always attached to her hair.



Chef Samone’s Journey


The Beginning

Family Influence
Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, at age 9 was Samone’s first memory of cooking was with her Grandmother and Dad.

Military Influence
At age 18 Samone enlisted into the US Amry as a Food Specialist educating her about food preparation and serving larger quantities of people daily.



The Foundation

Culinary Education
Samone studied Hospitality Management & Tourism and also graduated from Le Cordon Bleu with a degree in Culinary Arts. With her chef bag in had she began to agressively pursue private chef jobs. Private chef jobs eventually grew into catering opportunities.

Restaurant Experience
While working at various restaurants in Orlando Samone gained 2 years working experience to gain a solid foundation in international cuisine. After some time working in the kitchen Samone realized her personal fulfillment originates from interacting with guests. 



The Rebirth

A Chef’s Low Point
Samone experienced homelessness in 2006 creating a lost of momentum with her business; she later wrote about it in her first published book Lily In The Valley published in 2009.

Rebirthing Her Vision
From 2007-2010 Samone was not catering due to being homeless. Her road to rebuilding her business started in 2011 when she was inspired to focus on her passion for culinary full-time.

Securing Her First Office Location
After years of sacrifice Samone secured her first brick and mortar establishment in 2014 that includes a commercial kitchen, storage facility and consultation space.




The Success
2013 to present day represented explosive success for the entire team at Wishful Concepts as well as the company’s recognition throughout Central Florida and the wedding industry. Wishful Concepts has won TheKnot’s prestigious award, The Best of Weddings for 5 consecutive years straight; inducted into the TheKnot Hall of Fame and has also received top reviews from The Wedding Wire.

Returning To Her Roots
Samone has now decided to return to her passion; being a chef providing weekly chef services and working with smaller groups of guests. Samone also launched Wishful Concepts Commesaries; providing opportunities for chef’s to have a licensed commercial kitchen space to prepare food.



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