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Create Memorable Culinary Experiences For Your Catered Events

If you’ve invited about a small group of loved ones (12-70 guests) to celebrate a special moment, then you want to hire a Central Florida Personal Chef for your catered events. Intimate events have always been our speciality. We have been successful at serving larger guest counts, but really love serving smaller crowds. We get to spend more time getting to know each and everyone of our guests.


Hire A Chef For Your Catered Event, Party, or Family Celebration.

You’ll work one-on-one with a licensed and trained chef that also leads the kitchen staff.

Hiring a chef means you are not boxed into a set menu and have the opportunity to have a conversation about the food experience you want. Collectively, our team members have backgrounds in hospitality, fine dining, event planning, banquets, customer service, and guest relations’ management; they understand the importance of putting guests’ needs first.




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