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Our Bride: Emily & Jake’s ISOLA FARM WEDDING Featured on ROCKNROLLBRIDE


Emily and Jake were one of our favorite brides and grooms to work with and creating their menu was even more exciting. Since their wedding took place in an atmosphere that was more rustic, the entire ambiance of Isola Farms was the perfect backdrop to inspire a menu that maintained a balance between southern comfort foods, but at the same time make sure presentation was executed professionally.

Since Emily and Jake wanted to do a lot of the planning, direction, and overall design of their wedding, we enjoyed collaborating with them to ensure that our buffet area all the way down to our food presentation matched their overall look. Our favorite DIY design that Emily included into the food experience, were the chalkboard signs that said, “Don’t fill up on the Chicken, we’ve got a kickin’ meal ahead.”

For their first consultation I drove out to meet them to have an in person consultation with food samples. We eventually arrived at creating something that not only their guests loved but so did the bride and groom. The video above (shot and edited by Angelika Krug Photography) captures the overall catering experience presented to them as well as the level of service they received that day!


Here’s an overview of their menu created for them:

2 Butler Passed Appetizers were presented for guests during the cocktail hour: Chicken Marsala Pot Pies and BBQ Pulled Pork

Fried Chicken Tenders presented family style inside of wicker baskets that the bride provided us. These were placed at the center of the guest tables, so when guests arrived in the reception area they were presented with fresh fried chicken tenders. Some cubed cut cornbread was also presented in baskets for the guests as well. My favorite part of this experience Emiyl and Jake designed

• For their dinner they were presented with 2 Entrée Selections: Smoked Brisket BBQ Pulled Pork. For the side items, three were presented: Mac & Cheese, Sweet Potato Casserole & Southern Style Green Beans. A side of Southern Style Green Beans were prepared for the bride’s brother.

• Their salad include a Cucumber & Tomato Salad in House Vinaigrette

Read the full article here about Emily and Jake’s DIY Journey:

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